While Les Beyond initially began in late 2007 as a solo outlet for her softer-side, the then-guitarist of Shearing Pinx, Erin Ward, soon found that what began as just bedroom antics over time solidified into hypnotic and transfixing soul-scape. Using seemingly simple tools, Ward subtly and deftly takes audiences to private places with trance-inducing guitar drones, covering full spectrums and invoking dark paradises.

“…but it’s ex-Shearing Pinx guitarist Erin Ward — in her Les Beyond alter ego — that really gives me shivers. You Speak in Circles + Shortened Nights starts with the glistening lattices of dream-guitar that have become her trademark, but ends with a new sound of wispy wordless vocals, bringing to mind Ward’s previous tour-mate, Grouper.”
FFWD, October 14 2010.

Montreal’s Les Beyond has been described by audiences as the “musical equivalent of a food coma.” That description might throw you off and make you think “is that a good thing?” And the answer is “YES!”
Using an array of pedals and a guitar, Les Beyond adds layers of soft guitar murmurs, creating a drone soundscape so captivating that it transfixes you, and before you know it, her set is over, people around you begin to stir, and then you realize – the musical equivalent of a food coma has just enveloped you like a tryptophan-laced aural wave of hypnosis.”
CJLO.com, July 2010.

“Les Beyond is meditative guitar music made for inward listening and dissolving the world around us. But it is an unease calm that take us away. The swells of melodic guitar drone follow an ever darkening cloud, leaving the contemplative listener a zoned wanderer with eyes to the shadowy corners of the mind”
Divorce Records, Freewave Release June 2010

“Les Beyond thwarts your tomfoolery with twilight mellowtude.”
Weird Canada, June 2010